Get Mad

The fear,and shame of starting over,has kept a lot of people in a particular level for years,you must have failed over and again but it’s time to get up from the dust,and take a decision to begin from the scratch.

Most successful people today had days they made this same  decision to START AGAIN,Walt Disney was fired from a Newspaper house for lacking imagination and having no original idea,but he decided not to end as a failure, Oprah Winfrey was demoted from her job as a news anchor, because she was not fit for Television, she Started again,and the world over today celebrates her, its no time to pity your self and the conditions around you,its just the right time,don’t forget that winners are x- losers who are Mad.

                       GET MAD!


What is success

success is beyond the ideas,plans, good team members etc.

Success is Action strategically realized.

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I learned this from my mentors.
You really know a great man by the way he handles pressures.
You know a great man by the way he responds or reacts to situations, including emergencies
I look at my mentors closely and see how they handle challenges that confront them. Every one of them, inspite of the huddle, find a way to show up, to do their thing!
Whether it was financial, emotional or a public criticism they (my mentors) have developed the psychology and the strategy to wade through and still show up to do their thing.
Unless they tell you, you will not know they having a major issue. Their demeanor is unperturbed. They continue to do what they do, consistently and very gracefully.
In 2019, you have got to show up.
Be strong.
I will tell you what.
A few years ago, I had a speaking engagement put together by an oil company. Just a few hours before I got on the stage, I received a call informing me about the demise of my dad. He had been sick for a few days.
As devastating as the news was, I had to find the psychology, mental strategy to deliver a fantastic presentation. We are talking about 3 hours here!.
And I did it.
I showed up.
I converted pain into power, energy.
I got home that evening and cried my eyes out. But I had done it.
When opportunity showed up, I didn’t allow what life threw at me to prevent me from being at my very best.
After that meeting a billionaire(Yes you heard me right) walked to me, got my contact, and the relationship that resulted helped me get some dough to pursue a building project.
Don’t want to mention figures.
In 2019, Life will throw things at you. Life will test your resolve. It will test your patience, your mental fortitude.
No matter what shows up this remaining part of the year, make sure you stand strong and pull through. Make sure that when opportunity comes knocking, you seize it and do well.
May your day be fruitful.

Get it done!

Revisit those parts of your life that needs to be fixed and get the work done,because no one will do it if you don’t.
Take the challenge of life and break out into who you should be.
# Have a wonderful day

#Good to be back!

What you must know about yourself.

What you must know about Yourself !
Have you noticed the attitude evey boxer potrayes while working down the ring for a fight.
They are always fired up,full of energy and winning spirit.
No matter  what others think about them that doesn’t define them,they focus on their goal and that is wining.
The question is how do you see yourself ?
Myles Munroe once said,“if you don’t love you who will” ?
It is time to learn to appreciate who you are,and what you are doing, embress your person, get the right values and live by it.
Love yourself even when others don’t,with time, right character and principles people will fine you valuable and will draw near to learn from who you have become.
Being You make makes the difference.




You become in a long run what you consistently think.

                           Build your mind with right thoughts.

                                            ©  Jesse Ukpong


Every day unfolds with new possibilities, new ideas,innovation etc but the bitter truth is that you can never win.Yes, you can never win if the needful is not done.
So,what is the needful ? First the needful is a mindset of winner’s.the scriptures  had set the tone that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”,thus every winner wins first within, when no one see’s victory, when the competition had not began,when the cheers has not echoed, the winning mindset see’s victory already.
Furthermore,if you must win you have to dot your I’s and cross your T’s , put things in order as it should be.Plan,Plan and plan 

It is often said if you don’t plan to succeed you are planning to fail,one must understand that  planning Set’s you on course towards desired goals.
Finally,be ever positive, winners dont take no for an answer even in the face of failure, keep your head high stand your ground and release the best trapped within you.
The power to win is within you, yes you can.

Can you share your views on keys to leaving a wining lifestyle.

                         ©   Jesse Ukpong